09 February 2012

Italian Hospital Experience

Today I had to visit the Italian hospital here near Vicenza to see a specialist. I expected something different, even difficult, but I never expected a day from hell. And that is to put it nicely.

I spent 45 minutes trying to find parking around the entire hospital. I called the patient liaison
three times asking them where to park and where to go. Side note: I had to circle the little town three times because of all the one-way streets exiting the parking lots. I called my poor hubby sobbing and ended up yelling at him. I didn't mean to!

Finally, after the third call to the patient liaison and explaining all the illegal parking that
was going on (people were that desperate), I was finally directed to a grocery store lot, down the street, thru a round-about, down another street, past the hospital. I showed up to my appointment about 20 mins late. I was somewhat remorseful...but mostly mad.

The patient liaison walks to me the doctor's office which is in an alley way, and into a closed
office. For the next half hour I sat and listened to the doctor and patient liaison talk back and forth, asking me very few yes/no questions. I wondered why I was even there. They seemed to have a pretty good conversation about who-knows-what without me.

After the appointment I waited another 20 minutes for the patient liaison to write up the notes,
walked back to my car about 1/2 mile away, and drove back to the base (getting lost on the way back).

Then I really cried.

Now we are back in the apartment watching an old show called Roseanne, and song just came on "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

I should have balls of steel by the time this three years is up.

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