13 January 2012

Austria in a Day

4:45AM Crawl out of bed and stumble around trying to get ready to go to Austria on a day trip

5:25 Dry-heave in the car a few times before we head off to the bus (pregnancy is SO much fun)

8:20 Realize I lost my military dependent ID and freak out for the next hour

10:15 Find my dependent ID

10:20 Brewery tour - AMAZING!

3:00PM Eat lunch

3:45 Tour Innsbrook

5:00 Hop back on the bus and head home

8:00 Silently wish the world would swallow up the obnoxious couple on board the bus that are keeping their reading lights on

9:00 Wondering if I can strangle the obnoxious couple and legally get away with it

9:30 Get in our car and head home

10:00 Lose my ipod and freak out for the second time today

10:15 Find my ipod

10:30 Crash into bed exhausted

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a very full day. (You are so cute!)