16 December 2011

Because I Said So

I believe that should be the Army's motto. Why do I need to go through hours of orientation and interviews to be a VOLUNTEER before I can even found out what positions are available? Because they said so. That's why. It's the way of the Army.

I feel like they believe my time is of no value. One wouldn't go thru a job interview without knowing what kind of job they were interviewing for...right? And if I wish to be a volunteer instructor, then I have to pay for the training.

Today I reached a bit of a boiling point. All the insane and stupidity finally got to me and when my wonderful hubby tried to console me by saying I'll get use to it...that kind of lit me up again. I don't want to get use to all this nonsense because that means I'm one of THEM...the little dependent drones that do things just because the ARMY says.

My poor hubby. He didn't know what to say after that.

Getting off my soap box now.

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