23 December 2011

We Picked Our Home!

We went down to the housing office today and selected one of the two apartments we toured yesterday evening.

You won't believe how awesome it is. We have a DISHWASHER and AIR CONDITIONING! (Note: You can tell I'm over the top excited because I'm killing this post with caps and exclamation points.)

We get the keys on December 29th and will hopefully have our household goods moved in on the 30th. Once we move in, our next step is to fly our dog, Jack, over. I miss him so much. How can you not resist these soulful brown eyes!

Hubby and I are off tomorrow to a little Christmas escape. I'll post all about it including TONS of pictures, when we get back on Sunday. Thank you Uncle Mark for letting us borrow your camera while in Italy!

Sipping an Italian capuchin (cappuccino) as I type. Absolutely amazing. And I'm not even a coffee drinker.

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