13 December 2011


Here is a view from the Arena. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it was beautiful and sunshiny outside!
Hubby and I went to the Comissary for the first time today to by lunchmeat and some microwave foods. We are getting VERY tired of eating at the PX (military version of a mall, but more like a walmart with a few fast food venues) or Burger King, the only two places to eat here that we know of so far.

On our way to the Comissary, we found the Outdoor Rec office (they schedule all kinds of activities). Coming up they have a Santa Run and a Klagenfurt Christmas tour. I'm not sure if we'll be doing the tour as you have to be up and at the bus at 6:30am on Sat morning! We might go to France for Christmas though. =o)

We also found the base Thriftstore. I plan on going tomorrow. From what I've heard, this thriftstore is pretty cool. I'll let you know after I visit it.

Before walking around and finding the golden gems (thriftstore and Outdoor Rec), I was feeling pretty blah. No offense to the military, but they REALLY suck at planning. It wouldn't be so bad if we had moved to someplace in the states, but being dropped in the middle of a foreign country, you might as well have thrown me in the middle of the ocean, literally.

Good news is, we are growing thick skin fast and in-processing starts tomorrow. Plus, Hawaii Five-O is on tonight...and watchihng hotty Steve McGarrett makes EVERYTHING golden.

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