11 March 2012

15 Weeks - Prego Update

With hubby gone, I like to get myself out of the house every few days and plan things to do. I had all kinds of fun stuff planned for today, including going to the base theater to see the movie "Lorax," returning a few items at the PX, do some more shopping, get a chocolate shake from Burger King, clean and organize the baby's room, scrub the hallway floors, and do my nails.

And then the morning came and my plans changed. Whether it's the pregnancy, the PHN pain, or a combination of both, sleep is something I don't get much of...normally between 2-4 hrs a night. Today that lack of sleep seems to be hitting me harder. Since I've been dragging myself around all morning, I decided it's just not worth it to continue with the "dragging" but to go back to bed. Even if I don't sleep, rest still feels GOOD.

On most days I really hate the fact that I have anything to do. No full-time job. Volunteering hasn't started yet. I don't have any family or friends to call up and go hang out with it. And we are trying to reserve our sightseeing fund to save money for big trips. So it's pretty much just me and my dog...and nothing to do.

Yes it all sounds awful, but today...the awfulness became a blessing. Because I have nothing pressing to do, I can go back to bed and not worry about a thing! It is truly a whole lot of wonderful.

Oh yes...and 15 weeks - done!

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