07 March 2012


Lately other blogs have been a type of therapy for me. Laughter therapy...stress relieving (aka cry my eyeballs out) therapy...relief therapy.

I laugh with the other wives about their days as they describe them, and how instead of calmly killing a bug in the kitchen, one girl nearly douses the entire area with Raid. And how when their soldier is gone, they have a huge gapping hole in their heart that NOTHING fills. And how they all feel exactly the same way as me, maybe not as a hormonal-crazed prego, but still just as stressed and lonely.

Is is sad that I laughed hysterically over "while in the fetal post-vomitting position, I realized that I really need to clean my toilet"? Maybe cause that has been my recent nightly ritual (gotta love pregnancy). One thing that is strangely comforting, my dog Baylo comes and sits right outside the bathroom every time.

Today I had another baby doctor appointment. Things are looking great in bambino land. He/she was moving around a lot, is growing like a weed, and had a heartbeat of 156.

I also got to pickup a few packages. Two of them were boxes of baby room decorations that hubby had gone and ordered. How amazing is he. I love him so much!

Now I'm waiting for Two and a Half Men to come on tonight. Even though the shows appear one day later than in the states, it's great being able to watch a few of them here.

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