21 March 2012

Death by Power Point

Today was the 2nd day of clinical orientation, and in typical Army fashion, we were stuffed in a small room like sausages and brainwashed with power point after power point. I could literally feel brain cells being slowly sucked out of me. To bad it wasn't by one of the Twilight characters. Oh well...a girl can dream.

Good news, I have a volunteer role now! At first I was going to help with hospital administration, but today I got switched to education because the need was greater there. I'm stoked. Education and in-processing for all our the new employees and volunteers gives me the chance to get to know a lot of people (especially the big-wigs), as well as learn the inner workings of the health center.

As part of the orientation, we got to tour the whole building including the birthing center. I was a little freaked out when they said they can only handle two women in labor and anyone else that comes in has to get sent to San Bartolo Hospital. I'd rather have my baby in the middle of a deserted field with no help and no epidural, than be forced to go to the Italian hospital.

Anyways, the birthing center was pretty cool. The rooms are nice and "homey," or as much as a hospital-type room can be. There is a bed for the husband to sleep on, and the place was really calm and quiet. There were no screaming women so hopefully it means the docs and nurses know how to manage our pain well!

Friday I go in for all my immunizations. Hopefully, I won't need to many of them. I don't want to be sick when my hubby comes home!

Happy Hump Day.

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  1. Hopefully with you volunteering they will be able to make you priority for one of those two rooms. And the bed for me better be comfy or I am going home. haha