05 March 2012


It's official...I've had my first public cry. Today I broke down in tears at the family center on base. I had sent an email to some of the family support asking for help on how to adapt to this place, describing my experience as "being dropped into the pit of hell." Thankfully they were quick to respond.

I went to the lady's office to talk about what is out there to help military wives/spouses adjust. She started talking about how she understood how hard all the change is and as everything she said struck a cord, I started crying. Apparently it happens all the time, so I wasn't too embarrassed.

I was able to book my calendar with a bunch of stuff. It's all for later this month, but at least it's something! Then I ended my afternoon at the base by buying a chocolate milkshake, first one in THREE WHOLE MONTHS. It was so delicious!

Next goal in my list...get more than 2-3 hours of sleep a night!

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