13 March 2012

Another Great Day

This was me till 11:30 this morning. Well, I did wake up and text my hubby good morning at around 7:30 and took the dog out. But then I went back to bed and sleep blissfully for another few hours.

Good news: docs here FINALLY put me on a medication that works for the PHN. I still feel pain, but it isn't excruciating. I'm sooooo happy. Of course I'm a little p-oed that it took them two months to figure things out, but hey, at least they did it.

More awesome news: today is our 9 month wedding anniversary! Hubby and I have been through a lot of crap and change in the past nine months, but we've survived so far and I believe it's made our marriage stronger. I knew I had married a pretty awesome guy from the very beginning, but as we've pushed through each hurdle with this PCS (and pregnancy), I am in awe over the amount of patience, strength, and perserverance that hubby shows every day.

Babe - I love you and miss you!

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