03 March 2012

First Real Prego Clothes!

I bought my first real prego apparel today. It was only a short sleeve white teeshirt, but it was still fun. Also bought a few tank tops that have been my staple these days. Who would have thought that this COLD blooded girl that usually wears jeans and jackets in the summer would be wearing tank tops and shorts in 60 degree weather!

Almost stopped by taco bell for some nachos, but I refrained. Will save that for another day, and grocery shopping for yet another day! Anything for a reason to get out of the house a couple of times a week.

Bought a face mask so I can continue cleaning the floors like I had planned. Initially started cleaning the bathrooms and scrubbing them down with bleach (a black dust settles on EVERYTHING here). But then I got the smack down from friends because I was using chemicals while prego. Who knew there were so many rules! So I have gloves and a face mask now.

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