07 March 2012

American Red Cross: Day 1

I haven't finished all the in-processing to become an official volunteer with the cool badge and vest, but I was able to go to my first staff meeting this morning, and hang around for the mass casualty training brief. Next up I have clinic orientation, HIPPA, and immunizations. But it's all good. Can't wait to start for real. Then I'll actually have something to do here. Whew.

Was talking to another volunteer wife and soon to be first time mom. It is so great to meet women who are in a similar situation as me (prego, bored, trying to give this place a positive go). She is a nurse, but is going to volunteer so she has something to do during her week, because the clinic has no job openings for nurses...or so they "say." Apparently they reserve nursing jobs for docs wives. You wouldn't think the doc's wives need to work, but a lot of them are nurses and they get jobs right away it seems. Sucks for the rest of us, but oh well. Life isn't fair.

On a positive note, I've gained a pound! Or so the scale says, and it makes me so happy! Docs gave me more anti-nausea meds and they worked and helped me avoid paying homage to the porcelain last night. I have my fingers crossed for good luck tonight.

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