03 March 2012

PCS in Italy

Been reading through a bunch of military wife blogs and came across one where the wifey is also currently in Italy...stationed at an Air Force Base, but here just the same. At first, I was getting a little p-o'ed reading her blog. It was "love Italy this...and how cool Italy is that..." This is not what I want to hear! I hate this place and everything related to it. But I kept reading.

I got to one post where the wifey mentioned that it really does take six months being here before you finally get acclimated. There were even posts about how she broke down in tears in the frozen pizza section at the grocery store.

Anyways, for all my dear readers, thank you for putting up with my ho-humming and crabby posts. Give it one more week and we'll hit the three month mark. June will be six months and while I know that seems so very far away (believe me, I feel it), don't give up on me. And if I still don't turn around and adapt to this place come June, at least you'll have the wonderful little bambino to hear about come August/September!

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