09 March 2012

Shopping Online

A few weeks ago I bought pants online for the first time. I was a bit skeptical and turns out that my skepticism was dead on. Pants ended up being way to big. Bummer! No more ordering clothes online that I haven't tried on before. Guess I'll be saving a ton of money while living here.

Now I have to have to figure out what to wear to clinic orientation for two days. It's not that I have nothing in my closet...it's just that all my dress and semi causal pants don't zip or button up! Maybe, just maybe, I"ll luck out at the PX (crappy military version of Walmart) and find a pair of black maternity pants that aren't XXL.

There is a saying about military wives..."Hot or not." A good 90% of military wives are obese. My guess is the PX offers mostly XXL to accommodate the needs of the majority. It's sad.

On a positive note, we have scheduled an ultrasound appointment on April 7th to find out the sex of this little alien. I'm very excited.

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